Tips to Strengthen Parent Teacher Communication

April 5, 2016

One of my admired movies is Finding Nemo. I am a big fan of Bruce the shark. He invites both Dori and Marlin (two little fish) to a affair with his added bluff friends, Anchor and Chum. The three sharks are affair to animate one addition to stop bistro fish. I abnormally adulation the allotment if they recite their associates pledge, “If I am to change this image, I accept to aboriginal change myself. Angle are friends, not food.”

The accord amid the three sharks and two angle begins as predator and casualty but ends in a abiding caring friendship. Sometimes relationships amid parents and agents can be like this. We can appearance anniversary added as either the bluff or the baby fish. If we are to change this image, we charge to change our own viewpoint, and apprehend we are all in the aforementioned big ocean. We accept to bethink that parents are our friends, not foes.

A able and absolute accord amid parents and agents serves the best absorption of the student. Advice throughout the year is capital to abutment apprentice success and able-bodied being. It allows parents and agents to plan calm to abutment apprentice acquirements and success. Parents accord agents insights to apprentice strengths and weaknesses which can be acclimated as a starting abode if the abecedary observes and forms relationships with the student. Children whose parents actively participate in their apprenticeship tend to do bigger in academy and acceptance tend to accept a bigger attitude against school.

Here are a few tips to advice actualize able and absolute advice amid the ancestor and teacher.

Tips for Able Parent/Teacher Communication

Stay Positive

Want parents to in fact apprehend what you forward home? Be auspicious and positive.

It is so simple to forward home addendum to parents answer the assorted inappropriate behaviors of Johnny, but how generally do we forward a agenda home adage what a abundant day Johnny had? What a aberration it will accomplish in Johnny if he hears you alleged or beatific a agenda home adage he helped his accompany or did a abundant job on his spelling test. You never apperceive what a little absolute acclaim will do.

Avoid the “Junk Mail” Syndrome

I abhorrence clutter mail and don’t even yield the time to preview. I anon book these exceptionable affidavit in book 13 (i.e. the trash). Parents will do the same. The abstraction is to bolt their eye!

Use absorption grabbers, upbeat graphics, adventurous headings, boxes, and added forms of “decorations”. This will ensure parents will apprehension your communication. You could aswell cover a claimed note, highlight items of accent (such as dates), add illustrations or accept acceptance adorn a trim.

Note: this is a abundant alteration activity for students: decorating anchored for teachers.

Use Accustomed Language

Teachers should aswell be accurate to abode informally. While abounding parents accept degrees, not all are in apprenticeship and will be alien with educational jargon. You can’t finer acquaint if parents charge a concordance to attending up specific agreement (ex. Johnny is experiencing adversity with his phonemic awareness). Huh?

All accounting advice should use simple, accustomed language, and abbreviate sentences. Be direct. Always acquaint with account and acknowledgment for parents and families. Be acute to cultural differences. Accept belletrist or memos translated to families’ aboriginal language. Be assiduous and use altered methods of communication.

Personalize Your Communication

Greet parents alone as they bead off or aces up students: This is breezy and increases the abundance akin amid parents and teachers. This is not the time to altercate problems, but can be a time to set up an appointment. Try to acquaintance parents by buzz or email at atomic already during the allocation period. A absolute buzz alarm or email agreeable parents to a appropriate accident will access parent’s abundance level.

Start a annual or account newsletter. You can personalize by accepting acceptance adorn the border, affection a “star student”, contempo chic activities, pictures, highlights, apprentice achievement, and/or cover tips to advice in assorted subjects. Forward home account folders with apprentice including chic work, appointment assignments, quizzes/tests, and announcements.

I accumulate my acute buzz accessible at all times so I can abduction appropriate activities during the day. Then I will email the pictures to the parents with a little adventure answer the photo. (Important to note: I accept parents assurance permission blooper acceptance photos to be taken at alpha of year.) Forward out circadian emails allegorical parents of circadian activities, appointment assignments, announcements, etc. Set up a chic web page or Facebook page.

Tips for Dealing With Boxy Parents

Every abecedary has encountered a ancestor who has a addiction to lay it on appealing thick. Some are anxious about grades, others wish to apperceive the exact affidavit for your teaching method. Below are a few categories that parents can abatement beneath forth with some tips to advice accord with these boxy parents.

The Overzealous Parent

This is the ancestor who has TONS of questions. Accomplish abiding to yield ascendancy and abode the apropos by ambience limits. Align a time for the parents to accommodated and altercate apropos privately.

The Bossy Parent

This is the ancestor who wants to acquaint YOU how to teach. Listen first- calculation to 10!

Make abiding to break professional, do not become defensive. Explain how you teach, acknowledging your best of techniques, accomplish copies of abstracts that abode the concern, accede agreeable ancestor to beam the chic and see the teaching “in action”. If this does not help, ask ambassador to get involved.

The Chatty Parent

This is the ancestor who wants to allocution DAILY. Accord several times if you can accommodated and be attenuate but insistent. If possible, align for some advance time for these parents.

You get a little added advice and they get to be complex in their child’s acquirements for an hour or two. Most of the time, this is a ancestor who just absolutely wants to be complex in his/her child’s education. Sending home ancestors activities/projects that go with a assignment is aswell a acceptable way to accumulate parents complex in apprentice learning.

The Anxious Parent

The Ancestor who thinks you accredit TOO MUCH homework: Align for a meeting. Explain that you accredit alone abundant appointment to appearance what acceptance are accomplishing and to reinforce the day’s lesson. Ask about the accepted at home and area appointment is done. Action suggestions if ancestor is open.

The Angry Parent

This is the ancestor who is UPSET about the child’s grades. If you meet, accept gradebook available. Altercate what you beam in class, analysis scores, appointment assignments, and absent assignments.

You may wish to allotment tips to belief or organizing. Remind the ancestor that you do affliction about anniversary student’s success.

Tips to Arch the Advice Gap

* Parents will be added admiring if you acquaintance them as anon as a botheration begins.

* Accumulate parents adapted on child’s progress.

* You can say NO to parents politely, gently, but firmly. You can say no and survive!

* Always accumulate notes/records of your advice in student’s book – this is so important!

* Be organized and accessible to allocution to parent. Accept addendum with areas of apropos with samples of apprentice work.

* Always activate with what the adolescent does well. Alone say what you know.

* Don’t feel you accept to address on every aspect of the curriculum. It is accept to say you don’t apperceive but action to get that advice and address back.

* Allotment a adventure or abrupt anecdote.

* Parents acknowledge if you appearance you apperceive the adolescent alfresco of academics.

Hopefully these simple tips will advice arch the gaps amid parents and teachers. Remember, we wish parents to be our friends, not foes as we abide pond in the big ocean together.

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